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Poet, Writer, Teacher, Inspiration: Willie Pleasants

AuthorHouse Author Willie Pleasants shares a laugh with actor and comedian, Jimmy Fallon

AuthorHouse Author’s Digest welcomes Willie Pleasants as a two-time published AuthorHouse author. Her first book, Ain’t That the Truth, opened the door to giving her the confidence that she could write, and her second book, Make Truth a Habit, just confirmed that she had found her passion.

Poet, Writer, Teacher, Inspiration: Willie Pleasants

Willie Pleasants writing has propelled her on a journey of reading and teaching poetry to children. She is a team leader for a Jumpstart program that helps three-to-five year old children prepare to enter kindergarten to succeed with language and literacy skills.

She discovered her love for poetry at an early age.

Her favorite poet is Langston Hughes. His words resonated within her. She understood how he felt during those troubled times in his life.  As a woman of color, she had to endure discrimination, retaliation, lies, and limited promotions in the workplace.

Her short stories will take you on a journey of true to life experiences.

Her poems paint vivid images that leaves her listeners mesmerized; always asking for more.

She travels locally and nationally to do book signings.

She has ongoing appearances on cable and radio shows.

She was so intrigued by the idea of being interviewed that she became the producer and host of her own cable show called Willie’s Web, on Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN). She sees it as a great opportunity to promote her books and as well as promoting other authors and artists to share their journey.

She combined her talent with three other women and created a professional published author group called, Authors Without Borders. They also have a cable show on which Ms. Pleasants is one of the producers, directors and host.

She works with the group to offer workshops, speaking engagements and panel discussions to help other writers navigate the maze of writing and publishing.

She created and facilitates a class called Storytelling at Tea, which is offered as a course for the Osher Life Learning Institute at University of Mass /Boston.

She has done extra work in major films like Fever Pitch, The Proposal, and Here Comes the Boom.

She has met and interacted with major actors including Jimmy Fallon, Spike Lee, Billy Dee Williams, Ernie Hudson, and Daphne Maxwell-Reid.

Willie Pleasants’ AuthorHouse Bibliography

Articles by AuthorHouse Author Willie Pleasants

  • Boston Seniority Magazine has published several of her short stories.
  • Gift of the Great Spirit has published one of her famous poems.

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