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William Flewelling – The Energies of Faith

Today, Author’s Digest presents the conclusion of a guest post from William Flewelling. William is the self-published author of 46 titles with AuthorHouse, with more to come! (You can read the first part of this post here.)

Life is the basic inspiration–that and the way my life has drawn into the energies of faith. My writing served my ministry in a variety of ways. The poetry, perhaps, has been the most independent of that basic focus in that it reflects upon what catches my eye and/ or ear in the world I encounter; some of that, of course, has been ministry oriented.

Coming to self-publishing allows me to govern what I am doing, and to own it even through the published product. As I deal with the variety of personalities over the telephone and through email, I find the interaction lively and positive. The AuthorHouse arrangement has been helpful and permissive to me; that makes it easy.

I continue to mine the archives. I am beginning to revisit a three-year Bible study from the mid-1980s on the Gospel of Luke. And I am progressing through the Inn-by-the-Bye stories with the aim of finishing the extant 1100 odd examples, adding to the last book the prequel efforts before they actually began to gain public sight. I continue to write and collect meditations, reflective prayers, hymn texts and poetry. There is a satisfaction found in final products.


Thank you for taking the time to talk with Author’s Digest, William, and best of luck with your upcoming projects! Readers, you can pick up William Flewelling’s books at Amazon and the AuthorHouse Bookstore.

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