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Some Closing Thoughts with Edwin F. Becker

We hope everyone had a great weekend! Today we present the conclusion of our four-part interview with Edwin F. Becker, the author of  True Haunting (and four other AuthorHouse titles).

You can read the first three parts–in which Edwin discusses his background, his self-publishing experience, his advice for other writers, and the possible film adaptation of  True Haunting–in our Author Blogs section.

Author Edwin F. Becker

Edwin, what is your next writing project?

I have three novels in the works and will finish them in good time. At age 73, I’m no longer in any great hurry!

Are there any events or promotions planned for your True Haunting?

None scheduled. This is one of the reasons I never enlisted an agent or PR person–because I’m lazy! I don’t do book signings, nor accept offers for public appearances. I am, however, committed to the film company to do any appearances they schedule to promote the movie.

Speaking of the movie, what’s the latest on the True Haunting  film adaptation?

Sworn to a confidentially agreement, I can only share little, but I’m getting an education. It’s at the screenwriting stage and filming locations are being searched for. Since it takes place in 1970, it’s considered a “period” film and I’m learning what it takes to gather all the elements to recapture 1970!

Is there anything you’d like to add before we wrap things up?

I can’t say enough about self-publishing. Some new writers are attracted by the traditional publishers, but that can be a huge mistake. Traditional publishers can alter your work, they maintain some book rights, they set the prices, and their modest advances are actually loans. You get no royalties until you’ve earned back your advance, and they may even reserve the right to ask for it back if your book does not sell as expected.

As the number of brick-and-mortar bookstores decreases, their strength in distribution has diminished. Unless you are an A-list celebrity author, self-publishing is the only way to go!


Thank you for your time, Edwin, and best of luck with your future projects. Please keep us up-to-date on the  True Haunting film adaptation as details become available!

Readers, all of Edwin’s books (including  True Haunting) are available at Amazon and the AuthorHouse Bookstore. For more information about Edwin F. Becker and his books, check out his website at

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