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Paths to the Pen

AuthorHouse author Phil Bryson set to sail the seas

From his menial years at sea, conveyed in his book The Wrong Path, to a transient lifestyle on land. AuthorHouse author Phil R. Bryson had walked many paths before the age of 30.

We acknowledge Bryson and welcome him in his first of a three-part AuthorHouse Author’s Digest series, as he communicates his aforementioned early years.

Paths to the Pen

By Phil Bryson

My name is Phil Bryson and have written two books, well actually I’ve written more than that so let me explain.

The first book I have published via AuthorHouse is The Wrong Path. This is about five years I spent in the Royal Navy from 1966-71, it is certainly not a gung ho book as I didn’t like the navy.

I joined when I was eighteen, although my dad advised me to become an officer in the merchant navy, but it never happened. The reason I joined the navy was to see the world, ok so many people see the world these days but back in 1966 there weren’t that many people travelling abroad. Also, I was convinced at the recruiting office that after training I would become a petty officer, which is similar in rank to a sergeant. I did well in my training but once I went to work, oh dear, it was a drudge.

When I went to sea, that’s all it was, lots of sea and no land.

Eventually I did join a ship that sailed to America but upon returning to England I went on leave and after that I deserted and went to Sweden to try and get political asylum. It was the time of the Vietnam War and Americans went to Sweden or Canada to avoid the draft. I never got political asylum but I did hitch around Europe and fell in love with being a hobo, just drifting from place to place until I ran out of money then worked and travelled on.

I got caught and used to tell people what I’d said to the commander and commodore, both very high ranks in the navy and they thought it was funny. Others were telling their friends about me and so I decided to write it all down.

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