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Our experts in SEO, design, and marketing offer some pro tips

Whether or not you’ve managed to have your book published by now, it pays to keep a few things in mind. In anticipation of that, we’ve posed some questions to our resident experts in the company’s marketing department.

AuthorHouse: How do I communicate my book design ideas to my designer?

Cheryl: The most important step is for the designer to have a good idea of what your book’s about. This will help him/her understand your vision of the world you created. Next step is to understand the demographic of the reader; this can be achieved through research. And lastly, feedback. This step can be fun. Bouncing off ideas to each other can lead to more and more ideas which you yourself never thought of. Creatives are an enthusiastic bunch! This often takes time but this is how collaboration and teamwork goes.

Cheryl has been our design supervisor for 4 years. She handles the visual branding in various projects for AuthorHouse.

AuthorHouse: What should I keep in mind when optimizing my social media platform?

Jessa: Every social media strategy would really depend on your goals and objectives, so always start by ensuring you have a clear goal and objective. Keyword research is a must to know what topics, keywords, or even hashtags your audience uses to find information about your industry. Optimize your content for your audience (e.g., test your headlines since this is the first thing your audience sees when finding your content in any social site). You should also find the right time to post content to maximize engagement. These are just some of the many things to keep in mind when optimizing your social media platform.

Jessa has been our SEO specialist for 3 years. She’s responsible for helping us gain organic and paid traffic on our website.

AuthorHouse: Is an author website necessary for my marketing efforts?

Jackie: Yes. A proper website allows you to have your own platform where you can share activities, upcoming events, or other books on the way. But more importantly, it boosts your credibility as an author. How often have you searched for an author and thought twice about buying their books when you couldn’t find a dedicated website in their name? Conversely, how impressed were you whenever an author turns out to have carved out a space for themselves in the vast virtual world?

Jackie has been our assistant manager for 3 years. She oversees our team’s tasks and liaises with other heads in our department.


The great thing about self-publishing with us is that our authors don’t have to be experts at all the aspects of creating a book—we’ve got in-house experts to take care of everything for you.

For more in-depth guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our publishing consultants at 833.262.8899. They’ll be happy to point you to the exact service that you need. You can also get started by signing up for a free publishing guide.

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  1. I have been contacted by a man called Dexter Lopez
    He has offered to help me self publish my book .but as a rooky i wanted to know if you know of this man before handing over any money
    I also wondered what come first a contract then a payment from myself .
    Advice would be appreciated
    Sincerly Jane Penfold

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