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From Page to Stage; the Proudest Day of My Life

AuthorHouse author Matina Bastakos’ children’s stories have received a great deal of media interest

AuthorHouse author Matina Bastakos concludes her entertaining three part AuthorHouse Author’s Digest series by telling us all about the reception her books received from children, school and the media and how she achieved celebrity status.

And as with all good children’s stories, we are left with a sound moral. Thank you, Matina Bastakos, for the inspiration.

From Page to Stage; the Proudest Day of My Life
By Matina Bastakos

By the time my first book was printed and posted to me, l had already commenced the publishing process with the second book.

I can hardly describe the elation of holding my first published work. 

Some seven months later, l held a copy of my second picture book and felt the same euphoria.  It is a life achievement that can never be taken away from you.

I immediately got onto marketing my books and two bookstores ordered several copies.  I donated some to the state library for other students to borrow.  I was featured in 4 newspaper articles in Greece, becoming somewhat of an overnight celebrity.

Both books were well received. 

So well, that the school principal asked me to create a play based on my books, where students could act out the characters portrayed.  I went straight to work on a script and ordered props and puppets of my Australian animal characters from Australia.

The day of the performance is one that is etched in my memory as one of the proudest moments of my life! 

I saw that both my stories resonated with pupils, colleagues and parents alike.

The following year, l returned to Australia and got to work promoting my books.  I appeared in two newspaper articles, had a stall at several book markets and both books were picked up by a large chain bookstore, where they are still available.

The moral behind this blog is to never give up on your dreams and goals especially during adversity. 

Your next life –altering experience is only a thought away!

Matina Bastakos’ AuthorHouse Bibliography:

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