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Poet, Writer, Teacher, Inspiration: Willie Pleasants

AuthorHouse Author Willie Pleasants took to writing after an early retirement from public sector work out of frustration at her 9-5 job, and never looked back. Her books contain both short stories and poetry. Today she tells the AuthorHouse Author’s Digest about the inspirations behind her books, marketing strategies and her experiences with AuthorHouse.


From Page to Stage; the Proudest Day of My Life

Authorhouse author Matina Bastakos concludes her three part AuthorHouse Author’s digest series with some book marketing tips and an inspiring moral that every aspiring author would do well to remember.


Paths to the Pen

At a young age, AuthorHouse author Phil R. Bryson had figuratively written many chapters in his life. These chapters were colorful and inspiring to say the least. In the first part of Bryson’s three-part series, he presents the events in his early life that provoked and eventually paved the way for his writing career.


AuthorHouse Introduces Our Most-Published Author: Bruce Kimmel

“I have never regretted the decision to do print on demand and today there really is no stigma at all – everyone is doing it. I was glad to be there at the beginning and it’s been grand fun to watch it all grow and watch AuthorHouse eat up all the other little companies that didn’t do it as well.”

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