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5 Questions To Ask Before You Choose A Print Publication

5 Questions To Ask Before You Choose A Print Publication

Despite the digitalization of media, it’s still quite common to see consumers reading magazines and newspapers which is why brands, marketers, and even authors consider print ads as an effective promotional tool. 

But for print ads to work, you don’t just randomly pick a publication then let chance do all the work.  You’ll need to answer these questions before you choose the right magazine or newspaper for your campaigns:

Who reads this publication?

The first thing you’ll want to do is find out who the magazine or newspaper appeals to. Is it geared for a younger audience or focused on the older generation? Don’t be hesitant to ask investigate who their target market is. You’ll be surprised to know how these brands research their readers—from their age to their daily routines.  Once you get your information, you’ll have a valuable insight that can help you prepare a targeted print ad.

Does this publication have a good reputation?

As in any industry, you can find a few bad publications among the award-winning ones out there. You’ll see brands that contain eyebrow-raising articles, and those that have simply struggled to boost their readership over the years.  It can be challenging to sift them but it’s not impossible, especially with the Internet.

By investigating online, you should be able to know about their credibility and engagement. Remember, only choose interesting and trustworthy ones for your ad! After all, you’ll want to build your reputation from eager readers and respectable publications.

How many copies are printed and sent?

Aside from knowing a publication’s trustworthiness, you also need to find out how many copies are published and where it is sent. Are 10,000 copies sent to libraries and schools? Do they send it to other countries? You might also want to investigate further and ask how many subscribers share their copies, and if there are any copies sent for free. Knowing the publication’s circulation and distribution numbers should give you an idea of your print ad’s potential reach.

How often is the print publication published?

Is your print ad part of a bigger book marketing campaign? Then you should take note if a publication is published every day, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. For instance, you’re an author who intend to promote your book as a good summer read. In this situation, you might want to choose a monthly publication that publishes and maybe, also prints special editions during the summer months. By doing this, you not only get to talk to your intended audience at the right time but you can also schedule your book campaign properly.

Is the publication available in digital format?

With everything going digital, there are plenty of publications that are now available online and in mobile. This also means that ads on print can now have digital counterparts too. As an author, you can use this as an opportunity to reach out to even a wider audience. Just make sure the publication you chose can assure that your print ad will have an online and mobile version!

Help! I don’t know where to start asking.

You don’t have to do all the research by yourself. At AuthorHouse, we’ve partnered with respectable publications to give authors only the best options for print ad placements. We can also help you create targeted and well-designed print ads too. Visit our Advertising Services page or contact us today to learn more about our services!

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